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I wanted to mention you should notice a change here that actually started a few weeks ago. ...Wanted to share it with you.


As most of you know, we have a mods forum where we work and communicate on site issues. And, you probably know that working so closely together we mods and admins have developed a closeness and mutual respect that I feel blessed to be a part of.


But, as with all good things, when it is done to excess it is not good. In doing our quarterly review of how we can improve the site, we identified that we were posting to the mod forum many times when it could have been on the main forums.


So, a few weeks ago we all agreed to not post to that forum unless there was a privacy or other obvious reason to do so.


We believe there are several benefits to this:


First, the banter and conversation that occurs there we would like to share.


Second, in our discussion of tech and site issues, we would like you to know more about what goes on and hopefully benefit from your experience and insights.


Third, this will hopefully allow our sponsors to clearly see the benefits of their contributions to our site. For instance, adding thumbnail pictures from our gallery was something that we were able to do because of our moving to the new faster site. This could not have happened without our sponsors.


From time-to-time please go to the Information Forum and you will start to see topics about what we are working on and what we are doing. Plus, AK posts on a regular basis information that is important on site maintenance. It is good to know, too!


We also are open to volunteers who would like to take on a project here. If you have an idea and you are willing to accept the responsibilty for it, please let us know.



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