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A joke for Easter

Worker 11811

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Two Jewish men were sitting down to a breakfast of coffee and bagels at a deli.


Cohen says to Schwarz: "What's the matter? You don't look so good."


Schwarz replies: "Oyvay! Things couldn't be worse!


Cohen: "What's wrong? Tell me."


Schwarz: "My son... My son just told me he's becoming a Christian!"


Cohen's face turns ghost white! "What a coincidence!", he says. "My son is becoming a Christian too!"


"Whatever shall we do?", Schwarz laments.


A few minutes later, Cohen gets an idea. "Let's go ask God!"


So the two men finish their breakfast and head straight for the temple. They go inside and begin to pray. They pray for hours until they are finally able to commune with God.


"Oh, Lord! We are having such a terrible time!" the men confess to God.


"What is it?", God asks.


"My only son is turning into a Christian!", Cohen testifies.


"MY only son is turning into a Christian!", adds Schwarz.


There is a moment's silence then God answers:


"Funny you should mention it!..."


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