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Do we know whose site this is?

Guest touchofsable

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Never hear anyone talking about it but it looks good. Anyone a member?


This one too:




I assume they are not in our links because they are paysites.

However it may be an ida to ask them for some small sponsorship to have banners here or somthing? Just a thought; of course ermmmmm ....sponsorship could be partly with a few freebies each month exclusively for us?

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So wouldn't it be an idea to ask him for say 40 free street pics and 10 model shots for our gallery in return for a months banner link to his site (s)?


Then if it was succesful he may do it on a small sponsorship level? I mean I don't know but if it got me two members a month for say a $50 fee to the den per month? We could do it with several pay sites including charms no? Eitther with den exclusive pic OR with banners for a small fee ?


Just a thought. Seems to work well with other forums on all sorts of subjects. It isn't huge advertising revenue but it serves the client base well; for example some racing forums have a free

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I dont know why anyone who is a member here , would go to a site that you have to pay for. You can get the same pixs here free! Now if they had women that modeled for then and only them. I might pay



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Well that is not true actually Joe. Yes some are laked; BUT I was iven access to a smoking models portfolio once. She has fur stuff but I promised not to post any of it anywhere. You have no idea of what is out there, the high quality of it and the fact that you don't see it on non pay sites.


For example....even the candids would be extensive on the glamour winter site.


Now some people involved in hubs and sharing can get access to it but not for posting here.


So my suggestion of a way around that is to do exactly the same as other fetish sites do....link and promote each other by feeding freebies.

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