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Nice collection of smoking in furs in the gallery building

Guest touchofsable

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And a POLITE request to the mods to stop nicking the smoking pics for other sections! We are BANNED remember? All those supermodels smoke for startrs; maybe you should help fight for their rights to do that aswell as their rights to wear furs!


Until then all the pics of them smoking in fur in the smoking section please!


Anyway there are a lot from smoking sites too, and some excellent candids (some of which are in candids but should be in the smoking section too!) Then there are some pics of st moritz for example in the smoking section which aren't smoking!


No big deal and I know its a mammoth task that whitefox for example is undertaking for which thanks is deserved.


Okay here is on example of a sexy candid in the smoking section:



This one for example may well be erotic but she is smoking see?




That means if you want to see her you MUST come and mingle with us smokers and if you don't like it don't come. If segregation is what you want don't come cruising around the ghetto in your mr clean car lol!




And remember Touch's Law:


"A woman who smokes is likely to be more adventurous and not care what the drones think so is much more likely to wear fur, be adventurous in the bedroom (if she ain't gonna get her lips around a marlboro light....) and more succesful in industries where image is important."


Don't believe me? How come 72% of the top hundred female celebs are smokers then? And also 66% of them known fur wearers?


As Ramon says smokers...and fur wearers...have more fun!

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Don't believe me? How come 72% of the top hundred female celebs are smokers then?


Because smoking is known to be an appetite supressant and they'll do anything, including sticking a finger down thier throat after a good meal, just to shed a pound.


I'm sure some women (smokers or not) will find it offensive that you equate a willingness to smoke with a willingness to put other things in thier mouths. I'm sure some male smokers won't like the implication either.

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Psychologist say were wanting to suckle breasts us males. I don't think there is any problem there!


I don't mean t suggest that the cigarette is phallic for the woman. Rather, that there are two kinds of people in this life my friend; "those with the guns and those who dig"


errrr....no sorry wrong quote.


I mean there are genes for two types of people: those that seek adventure, and those who seek security. It is nature playing evolutionary games again; and different cultures have different levels of such people.


So when you were 14 in 1950, it may be that peer and social pressure encouraged smoking. There is no doubt no howver that it is a no no and has been for some years; maybe 20/30. Yet some continue to smoke. Why?

Well all I can say is why myself and my girlfriend and every girl I know smokes. The smoker is the hedonist and non conformist now and has been for some time. That is why they can't stamp it out; especially in the thrill seeker female: nicotine stimulates adrenalin while at the same time producing feelings of security so it actually appeals to both sides of the female psyche. Maybe I think fur does the same. But by and large the timid female avoids both.


It may be that supermodels stick with smoking cos its an appetite surpressant but most of them smoke before they even dream of being a model or trying to control their weight. If ther were any truth in what you say anorexics would smoke and most of them do not. The anorexic is not a hedonist she is a security seeker. And supermodels are not that.


When you are 14 you are either trying to experiment with everything going...drugs sex, cigarettes alcohol, extreme sports, high fashion xcitement.,...quit simply "kicks". The adrenalin junkie.

Or you are looking to get security...get pegnant settle down have a family, play the system do your exams be a grade A student.


Of course the former...with its emphasis on immediate gratification....means that some in this group will fail. BUT some will aspire to greatness too.


The second groups are the drones. They play by the culture of what society tells us; study for exams, get a good job. raise a family have two point four kids and wear polyester. Work and be rewarded. The mediocre. Some reach success through hard work yes; the Blairs for example are high priest and priestess of these timid people. Come on do you think she has ever gone down on him? No way. Either of them ever tried smoking or coke? Gimme a break. They would have been your ultimate wanker students...trouble is while we were having fun they took control. And are now having their revenge by stopping us playing. Now Camilla and Charles they are way in group 1 despite being Royals! See you just know don't you?


Then of course there are all those in between (most of us) who take a bit from both and endlessly battle with what drives them. The fetishist is from group one but he may try to work in group two. The supermodel is group one trhough and through usually BUT then you get ones pciked off the street and dont know what they are doing. They soon opt for group two lifetsyle.


So Kate Moss would be absolutely the extreme of group one. She is the smoker the danger girl the one that wants a bad guy. She smokes she wears fur she does coke she doesn't give a monkeys what people think.


Most of us here have some of group one. Hell it doen't mean you have to be a smoker...just that you seek thrills; and fur is thrills. Its illicit; gratifying.


So anyway when the group one girl is 14 she wants to be a model a smoker go clubing her scoolwork suffers though she may be intelligent.

She seeks adventure. She will certainly try smoking. Those from this group who do not either have problems with smoke (allergies, revulsion to the smell) OR they are scared.


Yes scared. I was scared to try cocaine. I was scared to try smoking. I was scared to try it on with women in fur; scared to get on a horse; scared to get in a mosh pit and shag a goth chick.However in the end my thrill seeking side of me won through; all these things excited me. There isn't much I haven't tried and most of it I rejected. But the things I never tried because they were no thrills include badminton rugby medicore pop music boring conformist clothes raising a family golf...security. Stuff that. For now anyway


Ask Miss T she is absolute group one and probably o is Tryxie (they both have allergy issues with smoking but they look like smokers don't they? )

They both have a wild non conformist streak.


Yes so guys are like this too...either the kicks seeking non conformist or the secure conformist.

So which are you guys? Johnny depp or Jeremy Kyle?

Girls are you Lara flynn Boyle/kate moss or Lorraine Kelly?


Nothing necessarily to do with smoking. Or wearing fur. BUT the likelihood is there will be a tendency to do something bad for kicks. I would bet anything jeremy kyle and Lorraine kelly have never tried smoking; would think fur wearing to be vulgar.


Th fatc is most of group one fail; BUT the ones that succeed do so by having kicks; people want them around....they entertain are larger than life etc because they are so different to the drones. Things are changing though; many celebs now are boring and without talent and have got where they are only through reality tv or hard work or nepotism NOT flair,

talent, flamboyance, adventurism. Society now wants good role models for the drones.

Watch out supemodels the nanny state has you in its sights as you saw from the perscution of Kate Moss and Esther Canadas.


So is there a correlation between smoking and sexual adventrousness? Not always; all we can say is there is some likelihod. We shouldn't generalise based on such things as that makes prejudice but ermmmm ........bring me a virgin who smokes Or a modern fur wearer who deosn't like the limelight It isn't necessarily so: the athlete or sports star can be adrenalin junkie too: they are also up for kicks and they have gone that route rather than the smoker or fur wearer but essentially they are the same people.


This isn't my opinion its well known; by socioligists psycholgists and

animal behaviourists. Its the difference between hot and cold blooded horses.....we can actually breed horses from the adrenalin junkie Arab or th cooler calmer safer type. And I know which I admire most


And remember the thread on dogs and cats? Not that I have any ideas on what that tells us...but do you admire the work horse or the throughbred?

The difference bewteen them isn't just athleticism; it is adrenalin addiction.


I think the shrinking violet, homely type is less likely to wear fur too don't you?

Mind we need both in our society and animal society: we need the risk taker and the home maker. And the vast majority who are of neither extreme but tend to sway one or the other.

Nowadays; there is no doubt that smoking and fur wearing involve some risk. As does putting a willy in ya gob or venturing to Grimsby


I also worry about a society that surpresses even opresses the risk taker; the Hunter, smoker, sexually promiscuous , the motorcyclist without helmet, the entrepreneur etc. Of course some societies have tried to channel this into sport and health and joy through that........or protestant work ethic for example.

I prefer it when we have the guns.......

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