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how'd this happen? I wiped it out and wrote in the Mary Carey thing instead on an edit....or so I thought? Apologies.


What I was trying out is posting a thumbnail following the advice. All I could manage was a link .


I don't know where that javascript thing came from that was m first effort at copy and paste and thats what it did. Second time I ddi exactly the same and it worked but only as a link.


Say how far are you techno geeks off perfecting weird science technology anyway? I want to press a thumbnail and hey presto "she's alive; alive do you hear...?" btw anything of Kelly le brock in furs?

40 years after man landed on the moon and you still can't come up with a created woman either on the stepford model or the perfect interactive hologram model. Mind we have bred a generation of kids who can nick virtual cars and shoot zombies; what's wrong with these kids? When I was their age we had Playboy. And at least that always had furs in. I think geeks can't draw goog anime tits and furs that is the problem

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It's not very intuitive at first but when you practice a few times it gets easier.


These instructions work if you are using Firefox or older versions of Internet Exploder. They might not work if you are using IE-7 or Safari.


1) Go to the Fur Den Gallery and find a picture you like. Be sure you are looking at the small "thumbnail version".


2) Use your mouse to RIGHT CLICK on the small picture of your choice. Choose "COPY IMAGE LOCATION" from the menu that appears.


3) Start editing the message you want to put your picture in and use "Ctrl-V", "Cmd-V" or the menus to PASTE the URL into your message. For ease of use, try to make this be on a line all by itself.




4) Select the entire line of text you just pasted in and leave it hilighted. Up in the top part of your edit box there is a row of buttons. Over near the right end of the row, there is one that says, "Img". -- Click that button.




5) Navigate your way to the LARGE image you want to appear when people click on the small one. RIGHT CLICK and "COPY IMAGE LOCATION" again, just the same way you did before.


6) Go back to the message and get your cursor onto the BEGINNING of the line of text you were working on. Make your cursor be the first thing on the line, before all the other characters.


7) PASTE again.




8) Immediately type a right square-bracket. "]" (It is directly above your RETURN / ENTER key.)




9) Go the very beginning of the line again and type:





10) Go to the very END of the line and type:






If you did everything right, you should get THIS:




If you are the heuristic type, I can tell you WHY this works so you can understand the concept before you learn the indivitual steps. Just send me a message.

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nope I would definitely need her to come to life before I could get my head around all that.

Not heuristic here (well yes I am almost classically trained so cant do anything I dont understand hence I dont drive and never eat yoghurt lol!) BUT I am damn lazy and thick when it comes to computers aswell.


Thanks I will have a look tomorrow.

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Blimey ToS - you're one of the most prolific writers I know.


Lazy you aint!!!!!


Ok - not fur related I know - I'm off. ........err no i dont mean I'm Off, I'm Raven.....Off is still Off.....unless hes signed on, Then Off is on, but I'' Off now - bye! (it's the chocolate you know!! Happy Easter everybody. Could be the liquers inside the chocolate I suppose!!

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