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OMG I know her!!!

Guest touchofsable

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Actually I even thought for a moment I had shagged her.


But it wasn't; just somone who looked almost exactly the same to the coat and everything.


So my question is; on all the sites we visit between us all, has anyone ever come across anyone they do know?


Imagine you could come cross your neighbour or sister or even mother on southern charms; some people must have such a shock. But has anyone at least come across someone they know? Especially for example in a candid? An ex, a friend a girlfriend, neighbour, colleague teacher or just a girl from your town perhaps. I mean I did see a pic of my grilfriend posted once elsewhere that I didn't take but she was just in the background at st moritz. But it could hapen that you could get a shock if someone posted a stret candid of your missus no?

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Interesting one ToS. It might bring home the realisation of just how big the net is, how big the world is, and the statistical chances of anything happening to one individual.


Insurance companies, eat your heart out.


And for the record. - No, I've never come across anyone I know. except for a couple of times when I've put a friend's name into google. (so that's design more than accident, which i guess doesnt coount). It's always a fun one to try though, and even worth putting your own name in to see what comes up sometimes

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You know it is the oddest thing. ...There is a woman you see very seldom on eBay, but people swear it is me!! 8)



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I saw a picture of a woman wearing a fur coat and nothing but. I swear she was the spitting image of a long-lost aunt of mine!


It was enough to make my skin crawl!

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