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A brand new feature here

White Fox

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As may have noticed, we have a brand new feature here at the Den. It is explained in the info forum. I just wanted to say a huge "Thank you" to all of our sponsors as it is your donations that increased our bandwidth enough to make this possible! This is a gift to you from the Den to show our appreciation for what you have done for us here! Each and every sponsor and each and every member are so important here to make this place what it is.


We really hope that if you have not donated to the Den yet and became a sponsor that you will do so. It is the generosity of people like you who make features like this possible. Images and our new super fast site are just two things that would not have been able to happen without the generosity of our sponsors.


Again, Thank You so much for your contributions that have made this great new feature possible! We really hope that you will enjoy it and use it often.




White Fox

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