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can someone help me with MFI........ Made For Idiots instructions as to how I would go about downloading my Avitar to the Avitar page??????

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First, use your favorite image editing program to create your avatar or just borrow a pre-made one from somewhere on the internet.


Next, log in to the Fur Den as usual. Find the button to edit your profile.

All the way at the bottom of your profile page is where you upload your avatar.


If the picture is stored on your computer and you know the file pathname for your avatar picture, type it in to the box, second from the bottom of the page. If you don't know the exact path, just click the "Browse..." button. A dialog will appear that you can search for it. Click "SUBMIT" and you're done. Everything else SHOULD happen automagically.


If the picture you want resides some place on the internet and you know the URL, you can type it into the bottom box and click "SUBMIT". Again, that's all you should have to do.


Remember these rules:


Avatars can be no larger than 100 pixels wide, 250 pixels tall.

They must also be less than 60 KB in size.

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Also there is a full tutorial in the Library under the title "Help Desk". It has both instructions and questions and answers coming from problems that people have had doing it. It is really quite simple when you do it once as long as you have a photo program to resize the photo.


When the newly organized Library comes on shortly it will be filed under "Fur Den Help".


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