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Where do you go?

Mr Barguzin

Which forums do you visit?  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. Which forums do you visit?

    • Just the Fur Den
    • All where new posts have appeared
    • Only those forums where I have posted
    • Only those forums I have an interest in - details please *grin*

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Just outta curiousity, and yes, I know what happened to the cat... but he also had nine lives *grin*, Am curious as to how many folk actually make use of all the forums here... or whether they just pop into here and then go their own way. So, here is today's poll.

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There is indeed another "Did you know this about the Den" coming up in two or three days that more or less ties in with this post. You might want to watch for it as well.


I hope everyone will read this poll. It is a fantastic idea Mr B! This is info we need to help make this place better.


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I chose the last one and, well since you asked for details... There are some sections where I just don't have an interest (yet) - for example, The Fur Den for Dummies. I'm not making any judgements whether it's "good" or "bad", I just haven't haven't felt the need to venture into that forum. Honestly, if you look at where I've been posting, you'll see that I'm expanding my horizons. Baby steps...



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Last option, here's the details.


I check ebay once or twice a week. It just makes me sad that I can't afford a decent coat.


I pretty much ignore everything below furden.com and check the rest whenever there's new posts.

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Grrrrr. My perfectionist's approach ties me. Cannot leave any posts unread. Could be something furrily interesting in there.


Nota bene: I always have to consider whether I will have enough time to plow through the unread posts before log in. Can you offer a function (probably to be chosen in the profile) to keep those unread that I didn't read or mark read by myself? 'New posts since last visit' ain't useful in case of premature log out. (I must admit, this is wailing at high level of ease.)

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Pluto, I agree! That would make it much easier to keep up with the new posts, especially after I have not been able to log in for a day or two. This is a busy place.

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Pluto and Foxy


One of the advantages of membership is that you CAN see where all new posts have been entered, as in The Fur Den Forum Index page all forums with new posts are highlighted with a yellow icon (I think.. know that is the case in aluminoid)


Ssssssssssoooooooooooooooo, the idea is to make The Fur Den Forum Index page your bookmarked/favorites page AFTER you have logged in next time.


Okay, the hole in that plan is if you don't use the same puter all the time, but if you do... try it and see what happens *grin*


Alternatively, you can just go through one forum at a time when you've been away for a day or three. I've had to do that a couple of times, but then again.... restlessness does help at times... (aka insomnia LOL)

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Hum ...


Left some yellow flags, bookmarked the index page, logged out, shut down the computer, started it again, chose new bookmark, logged in, and:


no yellow flags left. Did I miss the surprise? *kopfkratzing*


(Still wailing at high level.)

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I presume that you has already logged in and did the steps I laid out... and then closed down. When that happened, your cookie was updated and then when you refired up your puter and went to the bookmark and logged back in automatically, the cookie said that you'd seen all the posts up until the time you had logged out previously. Therefore, if there were no new posts between your logging out and coming back in....... nothing but green or grey but no yellow *sigh*

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Red face? Why? Please excuse me for obviously being dim-witted.


Yes, I did as you laid out. As there were no new posts when I logged in again, you are right: nothing to be found in yellowish colour due to that. But before I logged out, I had left some unread post (yellow), thus hoped to find them still marked unread (being yellowed), and I did not.


Never mind, though.

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I tend to visit a few areas when and only when, I have something to contribute, or need.

So I wouldnt go to ebay for example unless I was buying. Or matketplace.


I do look at s/c for a laugh sometimes, and occasionally theres a nice shot.


I stay out of the technical bits.


I like meaningful conversation about anything so spend a lot of time on off topic actually.....as we would if we were all down the pub. We wouldnt all be showing each other pics or talkng ebay ot even fur constantly would we?


however I think it has been organised well and have visted almost all parts and thought...ah ha...might need to look/post there sometime though I may not have yet.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mostly visit the Furden & Off-topic area, would liken the Off-topic area to the "Public Bar" - somewhere where you go to meet your friends, make new acquiantances, get your hair-off sometimes or just unwind & chill at other times, the entertainment should never be predictable & safe but a little risque, conversation should be meaningful & maybe at times direct but never said through smiling & clenched teeth.


All in all everyone is jus there for the same thing, to have a goodtime, a larff, beter understanding of others & as always a bit of banter & a FG craic......

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