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How to post links to Gallery pictures.

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Just to let everybody know...


When you browse the Fur Den picture gallery and you see a picture that you'd like to show everybody else, there IS a way to post a direct link to it in the Fur Den Forums.


Go to the gallery and view the picture you want to share with us in the forum. RIGHT CLICK on the picture. In the contextual menu that appears, you should see an item, "COPY IMAGE LOCATION." Choose that.


Next, go to the forums and start your message:


1) Choose "PASTE" from the menu at the top of the screen.


-- OR --


2) Type "Ctrl.-V" or "Cmd.-V"


-- OR --


3) RIGHT CLICK and choose "PASTE" from the contextual menu.


Viola! A link to the picture will be inserted into your message at your chosen location.


This is the same technique you use when posting URLs to pictures from other sites to the forum. Just remember that you have to RIGHT CLICK ON the actual picture itself and not just on the page. If you don't do that, you might not get a link to the right thing.

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Just a note:


If you are using Internet Explorer 7 for your browser, the above instructions won't work for you. You can follow the instructions below and you should be able to post picture links just the same.


1} Go to the page where the picture you want to link to is.


2} RIGHT-CLICK ON the picture.


You will see a menu, thus:



Choose "Properties..." from the contextual menu that appears. (Last item on list.)


3} A new dialog box will appear, thus:



4} Use your mouse to select the entire URL that leads to the picture.


5} Type Ctrl-C or choose "Copy" from the menu.


6} Go to the message you want to insert the link into.


7} Position your cursor in the message at the location you want to insert the link.


8} Type Ctrl-V or choose "Paste" from the menu.


That should do it!


If it doesn't work, let me know. I'll see if I can come up with alternate instructions.


The website I used in the example above:



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