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Project Update: Looking for Fur Pictures.

Worker 11811

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As many of you know, I am in charge of redesigning the Fur Library (wiki).


I have the major portion of the work finished and I am putting the finishing touches on. I'm looking for a few fur pictures to dress up the site.


I have divided the Library into groups. Each group will cover one specific area:

  • Help Desk.
  • History.
  • Fur Information.
  • Politics and Social Topics.
  • Fur Photography.
  • Pleasure/Enjoyment of Fur.
  • Links to Special Fur Sites.


The pictures I am looking for will appear at the top of each page, much like the "Fur Lovers" picture that appears at the top, left corner of the forum pages. However, I would like each picture to go along with the subject matter of the group it represents. For instance, the "Fur Photography" picture should be a picture of a person wearing a fur coat, holding a camera.


I know some of these will be difficult to match the title with the picture so they only have to loosely represent the subject.


However, there is ONE special project I have in mind. I want to have one larger picture on the front page of the library. I would like it to be of a person in a library, with books all around. Since this is a FUR library, the person should be wearing fur.


But for the fur, I have an almost perfect picture in mind:




If there is somebody out there who could fake-up this picture so she's wearing fur, I think that would be really cool!


So, all together, I need 8 pictures. One larger one and 7 smaller ones.

I figure, with the amount of creative talent we have out there, it shouldn't be hard to find the right pictures!


Thanks in Advance!


Worker 11811

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And a blonde yet


Actually I may have one of a mother and daughter that might fit for one at least. I'll look it up and upload it in the Gallery.















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Yes, the Gallery is a good place to look.


The pictures will need to have a home on our servers, somewhere. The Gallery is the natural place for them to live. Since there are over 8,000 pictures already in our Gallery, there should be plenty of ideas there.


In fact, I used some pictures from the gallery as temporary placeholders. It would be a natural to use pics from the gallery.


But, if anybody sees pictures that aren't in the gallery already, I can use those. They would just need to be uploaded first.


Wherever you find them, just post links to the pictures here. Once we sort them out and decide which ones to use we can worry about cleaning them up and putting them where they belong.


Thanks again!

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There are a few possiblities from my shoots with Tracey Coleman; a bookcase backdrop in her last shoot and some of her reading a fur magazine in the Furrier set.


Alternatively there are some of Teresa May in a black and silver fox jacket in a reading room type setting; actually from the set that inspired me to start my photography.



Mr Mockle

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I like the furrier ones. I think there's a good one for the "Fur Info" picture. I think I might be able to use one for a header on the "Shopping for Fur" page, too!


I just skimmed through the ones by the bookshelf. Those look good. I'll probably be able to use one or two of those!


Theresa May #1


Theresa May #2


Tracey Coleman #1


Tracey Coleman #2


Tracey Coleman #3


Tracey Coleman #4


Tracey Coleman #5




It's only been 3 hrs. and I already have three or four good choices!



Keep 'em coming! " title="Applause" />

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Please add Tracey... I have such a huge crush on her! Hey Mr. M - do you mind passing on my proposal to the lovely Ms. C???



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Lana is my fave by a long way. I think she captures the right attirude far better; though Theresa and Tracey are really nice. But Lana makes the furs look part of her. Probably cos she is russian.

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I dunno ToS - some of those rather old Tracey pics capture such a sweetness... innocence... girl next door who'll F%$& the sh^t out of you attitude that just turns me on so!


Lana IS hot, but she'll f^%k you till you die and she knows that she can!!



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