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I'm looking for people to be involved in a BBC2 series about guilty pleasures... things like gold, trainers and fur. We'd like to speak to people who don't care how much time or money they spend on their luxury as they feel they deserve it and maybe it's their only 'vice'.


This is a credible series for the BBC and will look at all aspects, positive and negative, of the trade of these items.


If you are interested or would like more information please get in touch.




[email protected]

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Yes, please check Tryxie's post here Celador. We've been done this road before and do not wish to go down it yet again.




The topic is locked. If any of our members want to participate, they may contact you, Celador, privately. Members please take note that this is in no way affiliated with the Fur Den. Please re-read the thread that Tryxie has posted. You may be held up to public ridicule.

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