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Jake & The Fatman


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Yeah it was nothing much of a show to watch and I have asked this question before here (albeit 2-3 years ago and yielded nothing so trying again) so apologies to anyone with a memory long enough to remember....


I think it was in the 4th season, there was an episode titled "I May Be Wrong" (thanks to the internet for helping me to track that down) in which a female assassin was killing off government diplomats - all while superbly decked out in a snow white full length fox coat.


It's got to be at least 15 years since I saw that episode and was wondering if anyone out there knew where I may be able to track a copy of it down (either on DVD or on the net... ANYWHERE !!)

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Thanks for the help Fox but unfortunately I was already aware of that site - doesn't contain much info to lead me to a video

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Thanks for your help Worker - hadn't stumbled across this site before when I was combing the net earlier in the week.


The search continues.......

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