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Anyone else notice this?

White Fox

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I was just doing some work in the movie area of our Library. I noticed the comment under the name of a movie called "My Dream is Yours".


It reads as follows.


I was watching an old Doris Day movie last night, "My Dream is Yours", from 1949. In it, Day wears some beautiful furs, fabulous fox stoles and nice mink jacket. The story had many scenes in Hollywood's version of what nightclubs were supposed to be like, and all the ladies were dressed to the nines, long dresses, all in furs of all descriptions, silver fox, white fox, blue fox, stoles, capes. What caught my eye was that at that time, fur was truly a fashion accessory, and the movies assumed that a woman would have a specific fur matched to each outfit. Day wore a long fitted gray day suit with a fantastic long dyed gray fox stole for example. The furs were worn to make a statement, and with hollywood magic, it wasn't lost on me. I think that is what we are missing today, sure we are all fur fans, many if not most wear furs, but it is such a rarity today. 50 years ago it was a fashion essential, today most of the world sees it as an oddity. What a loss for all of us.




I do not know who wrote it as the material has been changed from the original site in Melody to the Favorite's Forum here to Wiki, and this the name of the poster is long lost. However, I think that the message is actually quite Brilliant. Anyone else ever noticed anything like this?



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A very nice comment on modern society.

People imagine they are liberated and we live in a more egalitarian manner but its a sham. They imagine that that world only existed in hollywood. It didn't.

I remember that women in working class families with furs that matched their outfits. It may have been a functional but still beautifully cut mouton for day in brown or black which was considered to go with everything, but then different coloured mink stoles foxes etc to go with their dresses...which were even worn to bingo! The look would always be completed by quality leather bags gloves and shoes all matching. Every women had matching bag shoes gloves in at last three colours....usually black and navy for the urban woman and brown and navy for the country lady...plus something like pink or red to be coordianted with navy. Then in summer Italian silk dresses with headscarves and matching accessories. This was normal.


What has changed is attitudes to functionality and beauty and casual priorities...and the fact that people will happily pay

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Just dialed it up. Think I'll get it.


Staring Jack Carson


One of my most memorable TV shows was when Jack Carson got ZaZa Gabour and Jane Mansfield on the same show [The Jack Carson Show] expecting the cat fight of the century only to have the two blonde's team up on HIM


What a blast


The first and only time in his life he was totally speechless.


Sure wish there was a DVD ofthat show alone.





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