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New members: Do not use non-working website in profile

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Attention all new members!!!


It is extremely important that if you apply to enter the Den, that you do not use a nonworking personal web site as your www home. If you have a personal web site that is not working when you apply, just leave that blank and enter it later.


At the moment we have some "Losers" trying to spam our site using a technique involving web sites that do not work. Thus, any new member who has a web site not working is generally deleted in a matter of an hour or two at most from the time their membership comes on line.


If you have a web site not working just leave that section blank. Then when you get it working, enter it into your profile later.


Thanks for your patience in this matter. It is a shame that these people of such low mentality have to spoil a site for everyone else, but as you will have noticed we do not play around with these things here. Your security here as a member is extremely important to us and we will do everything with our power to protect it.


White Fox


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