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The one that got away


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A brief story from this week.


London has been cold and wintry again this week and I was on my way into the Docklands office on a damp, sleety Thursday morning expecting a long slog of a day ahead of me. I ducked for some shelter under a long covered walkway and at the far end of the parade I saw a most beautiful sight walking towards me - a tall, stunningly beautiful long haired blonde, wearing brown knee boots, tight dark jeans, large designer handbag and the most gorgeously sumptuous rich red fox jacket. She seemed every bit the trophy wife or girlfriend in appearance but without the attitude.


She seemed quite happy but was looking around as she walked and seemed to be looking for her destination. I thought that I'd have to stop her and maybe help her, while of course complimenting her on her jacket (and maybe her appearance in general) and started plucking up the courage as we got nearer to each other. Then, when she must have been but 20 yards from me, a guy stepped out of one of the shops to have a cigarette - and she stopped him to ask for directions. As I approached I could hear her charming European accent but couldn't determine from which country and sadly she seemed to be going out of my way anyway. Regretfully I walked on by, a bit sad that I hadn't spoken to her but delighted at the vision which brightened up my day. Actually I saw a few other blonde office women in rabbit jackets later that day too but nothing this winter as striking as the earlier visitation.


So, has anyone else got a story about an encounter which slipped through your fingers?



Mr Mockle

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Many similar. Of course half of it is I don't want to encourage temptation sometimes!

Sometimes its good just to enjoy the sight.

Just like the cheetah who have zebra opposite them to keep them happy at the westmidlands safari park, we don't always have to engage the prey lol!


But it is a grat sighting and as more eastern european girls visit here then so is the prejudice against fur starting to collapse.


Tonight we went for meal with some friends and another regular came into the bar area where we were having a smoke and asked if my girlfriends fur was real. He said that his girlfriend (not present) was really anti fur and I expected a debate at least. Instead he asked if he could touch and said it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen or touched. He said he had only once ever seen one like it so that is how it is easy to be anti without such sightings.


I hope enough guys (and girls aswell) as youself Mr M enjoyed your sighting; and are enlightened by it.

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Interesting you should bring this up, Mr Mockle, because it certainly does remind me of an extraordinary moment for me.


I live in a climate where it's seldom of a temperature to call for fur garments so I generally have to enjoy just whatever ruffs and trims appear in the season. Besides that, the orchards had already started blooming.


Well, one quite bright afternoon, I was stepping out of the post office I saw this beautiful young woman headed up the sidewalk (well, okay if I'm not mistaken I guess you'd say pavement that side of the Atlantic) with a sweater over her arm. Not the sweater but its collar arrested my attention. Was it every bit the mink my hungry eyes and the span across the parking lot (er car park) suggested? I kept expecting her to turn in at one of the cars in the lot, but no, she kept walking.


Given the mild day and the motor-bigoted attitude of the majority of local inhabitants, this was an extroaordinary sight.


Now I'm also in a very different situation from either Mr Mockle or Touchofsable in that much as I'm attracted to fur, I've never complimented a lady for it. At this moment, I started thinking maybe this is the instance to turn that around. So I bent down to unlock my bicycle as quickly as possible. I was headed up the same road as I saw this lady with the supposed mink-trimmed sweater. If I hustled, there'd maybe be a chance to get another look and maybe offer a compliment.


So I got out there, scanning the sidewalk ahead. Didn't see her. As I drew even with the first cross street, there she was headed well off my course. Since I don't want to act like a stalker, I decided my turn to break my spell of never complimenting a woman on her fur would have to wait. So the story fits very well here.


Thanks for putting it out there, Mr. Mockle.


frugal furguy

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