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Naomi Campbell's (fur-) community service


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She may have to dress down during her community service but Naomi Campbell is definitely keeping up appearances in her trips to and from her punishment. On Tuesday she wore a silver fox jacket and on Thursday she wore a lynx jacket. Pics as ever are available through RexFeatures, GettyImages and all good photo libraries.



Mr Mockle

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It was shocking to see one of the first row PETA models and hard-core anti-furs soldier wearing furs. May be it was New York City street cleaning uniform ... . In any case, I guess, N.C. is back to normal life style when it's getting cold in North East.

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It is certainly having an effect. It was 15 degrees here today and I saw two mid twenties black girls in furs...one in a long white mink and one in silver fox. An early twenties Asian girl in leather with blue fox and a 30 ish white girl in a red fox chubby and thigh boots....all fashionista types. That is unusual in our town.


People know all the anti girls are now pro and they also know that that is because they are older and wiser and have seen that the trade is not cruel.


The defiance of Naomi too is inspiring. She doesn't give a damn that she is wearing fur to a menial job.


This is a great inspiration.

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