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I notice quite a few different fetish sites are allowed by Southern charms to post all the free pics (old and new)their sites. Presumably by arrangement.


Now putting myself in their position, posting free pics is advertising a little taster of what you do. No good if nobody knows its there.


Has anyon asked S/C if we can do this?


I mean people like Reese and Victoria would surely attract fur lovers to their memebers areas no?


I mean I don't do pay sites but I just might if Reese does any more like this:








copy and paste



I know we can link to them but now we have a gallery surely images like that belong in there and I would think the company and the girls would want to take their place in our hall of fame as a promotion as long as they are credited?

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She's a beautiful woman ciggie or no.


I'd like to see HER in non-smoking fur pictures any day.
















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Southern Charms uses "HTTP Referer" to track where visitors come from when the view their pages. If the page request comes from a person whose browser reports anything but or "southerncharms.com" as the referer, the server will block you.




Firefox users... Go to this page:


then download the add on.


Tell it to "forge" all referer requests. When the remote server asks where you were, your browser will lie and you will be able to see pictures from Southern Charms without having to do all that crap.

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