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Want to see a neat trick?

Worker 11811

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Really a neat trick! As for the video - if it matters - it needs more drama. I'm sure that when you're doing the trick in person, you build up to "The Prestige" with more flare.


It's great to see you "in person!"


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I'm teaching a guy to make videos from scratch. Previously, I had him cutting videos together from borrowed materials. (e.g.: Taking things from DVDs or downloading from the net then cutting them together.) Now, we are moving on to a little more advanced project: How to shoot your own video then import it into "Final Cut Studio" and make a finished product.


Next, I teach him how to conceptualize the project in storyboard form then create a shooting script to record from.


I've done stuff like this since high school so, to me, it's an intuitive process. It's really hard to teach others to do what comes naturally to you! You never know how hard it is until you try to teach somebody else!


So, tell me what you think would make the presentation more interesting?


P.S.: If you want to know how it is done, go get yourself some coins and experiment. The secret is VERY mundane. The secrets to most magic tricks ARE mundane. Most people are disappointed when they finally learn the secret.

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I've found that unless you're dealing with someone who is experienced in doing something like this, it pretty much is going to have to involve step-by-step instruction. You're the one who's going to have to storyboard and script the video. Hopefully, he will either learn from you, or better yet learn from you and take a few courses up there - I'm not sure where - Behrend? the 'hurst? Gannon? Edinboro? - to learn more. Better still, maybe even study film/TV/video production . . . ? Those of us in the field didn't learn the craft with just a few courses . . .


As to how it could be more interesting, hmmmm . . . It's pretty difficult to isolate one trick and make it a production in and of itself. I would think that if you're shooting a video, you would have several tricks, starting with an attention-getter, and ending with your best. Having been involved with theatre, you must know that you need to be a showman to be a showman. "To be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic." (or is it the other way around . . . ?) You need to be more animated. Illusions are illusions (and as you have pointed out, usually pretty boring if you know the secret to the illusion). It's the illusionist who sells the Prestige.

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Just the way they go together and don't move after.


It sounds like the second coin clicks when it comes together with the first.


The positioning after the third coin seems a little off of center. Like they are tilted a little to your right.


I suspect either a strong magnet in the match box or the coins are magnetized and that's why you used the coins you did.

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worker - irrespective of others comments, I liked this vid because - No frills. just a guy sitting at a table. simple black background makes everything stand out well. personable homely presenter, nice american friendly drawl, neat trick, leaves you wanting more. the simplicity of the scene doesnt distract from watching the trick.


Main features - simple set, personable presenter. (is that you?)


btw. I think wallee's right, get them to balance straighter, and try not to have the click. It does make a magnet the obvious choice!

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