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I hate these sods - well OUT OF ORDER


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Read this article from Wikipedia:




Then read this article:


http ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee


Thus, you can see why I wish Starbuck's would disappear from the face of the earth, totally!


Places like Starbucks which increase the demand for coffee encourage more and more farmers to cut down trees and burn the brush to plant coffee.


You've got supposed "environmentalists" who stand around whining about the destruction of natural habitats and decrying the use of animals for their fur, all the while they kill MORE animals with that one cup of coffee that it takes to make 1,000 fur coats!


Fur lovers should be coffee haters!

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The first and main reason I never buy or drink Starbuck's coffee it it tastes AWFUL


They started at the Pike Place Market in Seattle at the same time I got to Seattle. It's over roasted and tasted awful then. and it's gotten worse if anything.


After my first cup there I went several blocks down the street to a small place that I still buy from to this day.


I "check in" to Starbuck's every now and then on the off chance someone aquired taste buds but apparently not.


Where I buy in the City of Coffee are places that are shade tree, organic and smaller operator sources. They generaly have better beans anyway.


Follow your taste buds and It'll probably be a good farmers coffee anyway.









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