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Your Favorite Movies & Another New Step in the New Den

White Fox

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Folks the Favorites Forum is open for the very first time. It is extremely important that you pay attention to the way that this forum works. It is even an experiment with we admins here as this is a totally new area.

You will gradually see a number of posts in that forum.


Remember how many times you have went through the movie thing in the Old Den? And each and every time those threads are buried so deeply that you can never find them again so someone adds a new post starting it all over? Well, bear with us. We are going to ask you to post those movie names again. But this time, all of that info will be where you can easily find it later so you do not need to ever go through this again. If you want to see the info you just go to the favorites forum and there it is. For these threads we ask that you keep absolutely on topic, and keep the replies as short as possible. On the movie thread, list as many movies on each post as possible. (There are a lot of movies!) However, if you only have one movie name to put there that is ok too.




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