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A really neat sighting


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I don't usually write about every fur sighting I have, but this one demands telling. Last night my wife and I took in a play at a community theater. We just had a foot of snow here in Northwest NJ so Mrs. C wore high boots and her ranch mink with the chinchilla trim. The crowd was small because of the weather but there was another woman attending in fur -- an attractive woman with very beautiful blonde hair done in a lovely style. She was in her mid 50s I would guess -- not attempting to hide her age but rather (like my beautiful wife) accentuating all the positives of it. She wore high heeled white boots and an exquisite, pale beige, full length mink coat with a cape collar and those cuffs that caress the wrists for maximun warmth.


It gets better. She sat directly in front of us. My wife and I both commented on her lovely coat, and she replied how warm it made her feel as well as complimenting my wife on her coat. Then she invited us to feel it! My wife of course recipricated. As soon as I touched that mink and felt its suppleness, its softness, and its silkyness it confirmed that it was of the highest quality.


But it gets better still. She slid out of her coat laying it over the back of her chair (where we were both able to feel it several times more), and underneath she was wearing a chinchilla vest! Again obviously of the highest quality.


Now that's what I call dressing warm.

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Great story MrC! I spent many nights at Morristown's (NJ) Community Theater and marveled at the number of women who didn't hesitate to wear their furs out on cold nights.



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