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Fur in Fashion


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For all of the talk about its beauty and warmth, the reality is that fur's popularity is based on status. It instantly conveys wealth and success.


It seems to me that Robin Givhan bases her whole premise on a tired, old litany that has been uttered by tired, old AR activists for years. While there is a shred of truth in it (she points to the nouveau riche and the old Blackglama ads) she is generally way off target. It is plain to me to see that she is an AR sympathizer - !

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What annoys me most is the tired old cliche that all of the articles this winter seem to have touted - the 'painful' death of the animal. Is this all based on the 'YouTube' videos recently or has anyone got actual evidence a mink receives a painful end in a fur farm. I think not and perhaps whist the reported is trying to initiate a class war, we should be correcting this enormous error by getting them to provide evidence from reputable long-term studies - not a questionable video whose origins are equally questionable!


Argghhh - it annoys me.....



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