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Kate Moss


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Lets all have a big hand of support for Kate Moss in her fox jacket. (see gallery pics)


As usual, the negative dumbing down british press got into bed with the animal rights groups to condem her for wearing it, so let us give her a BIG round of applause, and if she is made aware of this group, she knows she is supported...


WELL DONE KATE........go get 'em girl and more fur please.....



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Kudos for itsned's pictures


I deleted several which seemed to be duplicates though different File #.















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Thanks for those great pics.

Looks like Pete Doherty also likes the fur!


Notable also that his former band were called the Libertines. Both he and Kate have ben slated in the press before for smoking; doing charlie; etc. and now furs.

I am through here with pointing out the obvious to people who can't see it.

Suffice to say that Kate and Pete to me are icons of Liberty.

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At the risk of sounding totally clueless here, I looked for these pictures, but can't find them. Where are they??



Don't feel alone, FrBrGr! Many times I will go to the Gallery and I cannot find the pictures that are referred, too. Even when someone posts a link it takes me to the gallery sign in and then tha main menu. Not to the picture.


If you have the extra time to find them, they are usually great photos! 8)



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Do you ever look at the gallery, FrBrGr????




All right, guys - Get cute! I'm in the Gallery all the time - ! That's why I couldn't believe that I missed those shots of Kate Moss!


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