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Miss Universe Japan Pics & Fur Design Contest Reminder


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Hey everyone,


Miss Universe Japan held their show and the Mainichi Daily News has a very nice gallery of some fur-clad contestants in lynx, mink, etc, right here:




Also, I believe next week on March 23rd, the Japan Fur Association will be holding their 2007 Japan Fur Design Contest at the Jiji Press Hall in Tokyo.


Here's a three-page preview (concept art) of what I believe we'll be seeing modelled on stage: http://www.fur.or.jp/fdc2006/2007one_pass1.html


Some lucky Japanese designers will be up for some nice cash prizes, and even a trip to Denmark to study at the Saga International Design Center.


The Mainichi will most likely be covering this event also, and maybe we'll get lucky and some video will be posted somewhere also. I'll be sure to post the link to gallery pics once their onine.


- Kuma

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Thanks kuma;


the Far+Bag is an incredible concept as is the Fox flurry dress below it















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