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Hello I am new here!!!


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Hello All.


My name is James and I have joined your lovely community today.


A very good friend Fran showed me this site last week and since then I have been hooked.


I hope we can have some fun together.


And a big thankyou to Fran for everything!!!


James x

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Well, jamesinfur, I can only assume that by "Fran," you mean "franinfur," who I welcomed to the Den almost a year ago. It has been a pleasure having her as a member in the Den, and we certainly look forward to your participation! So, to that, may I add . . .


Welcome to The Fur Den!!!




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Welcome babe, glad you liked what I showed you


Touch, Sadly we could not make the festival this year. Maybe next year eh?

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Hi James! Let me add my welcome to the site!




And a big thank you to Fran for turning you on to us!!!

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