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I Am Curious . . .


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Hey - Do we have one helluva photo gallery, or what??



8,052 first-class images in 64 albums that have been viewed (get this!) 402,686 times!! Hats off to OFF, Worker 11811 and Tryxie Trash for their work in making this gallery, IMHO, the best of its kind on the internet! Special kudos to OFF, who has spent endless hours pouring over images to make sure they are up to "code" and technically sound.


Now for my curiosity. What do you, Mr or Ms Denizen, like most about our Gallery? Where do you inevitably wind up going when you visit there? As of right now, this is the most viewed photo in the Gallery, entitled, "Lovely White Fox Set" and contributed by "ricky" -




Why do you favor this photo over all the rest? If I'm not mistaken, it is one of several of this young woman in her white fox fur, and it is a very special photo, but what is there about this particular photo, in your opinion, that makes it the most viewed of all?


Just curious . . .

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Yes, it's one heck of a resource, the images are clear and pretty quick to load and there's always something new to look at. As for the most viewed photo I think it's pretty obvious. In spite of the apparent plushness and quality of the the fox, it's her look of vulnerability that gives the picture its magic. She has that dreamy all knowing look that says she knows what's in store and she's resigned to it. Willingly of course.

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