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fur trend and global warming


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Al Gore received his award for global warming documentary (this is old news), but what indirect effect these warming thoughts have for fur community and humanity in general. Well, does it mean that furs will be made from farm-raised animals only? Will market shrink comletely? What furs will be in demand in the near future(if there will be any fur market at all)?

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I saw the film on its first run and I have a couple of short replies.


I thought it was well done and despite some nay sayers recently, well documented. You might argue over the 'evidence' but solid none-the-less.


News Flash. Most Furs now are already Farm Raised. Very few are trapped anymore. even Lynx reportedly are being farm raised now.


The fur bearing animals that are not are either sanctioned trappings or are trapped and sold by Native cultures around the globe. According to Touch that's around 20% of the total market. I see no reason to doubt his figures. All this is well regulated and tracked world wide.


Beavers are wild in any way you wish to view them and have never been threatend, even at the height of trapping. They could never be Farmed. They are prodigeous breeders in their natural habitat and create major havoc in our waterways from their insistence on building dams. They have no extant natural preditors to control their growth rates, much like deer.


Many States and Forest Services promote trapping as opposed to their destroying the animals outright. I understand Nutria are very much the same situation in Argentina and were stupidly introduced into the US. They are right there with the Beaver in action and there are active campaigns to erradicate the Nutria in the US.


The only other species that are not farmed but trapped to any significant extent are Otter, Wolverine, Seals [certain species by mostly Natives] Coyote and Wolves. This is also highly regulated with appropriate quotas placed on their growth rates and populatiions. Coyotes are living up to the cartoon character, Wilie Coyote.


There is much more on this in wiki and hopefully more to come.


I hope this is a helpful response.




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