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And now for the world's most expensive automobile crash.


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Like many of my friends here, I am a fan of the British auto program...er...programme... 'Top Gear'. Recent news of the show possibly being canceled (or Mr. Clarkson quitting?) has had me scouring the internet at work; in the process, I found this. I must confess, I love seeing gazillion-dollar cars cracked up by idiots. A perverse pleasure, to be sure, but an innocent chuckle now and then, unlike these superfast machines, never hurt anyone.




Anyone have that video of that brilliant millionaire trying to "bend out" the fender damage on his Maybach Limousine with a crowbar?


a presto,




p.s.: I found it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Gigi Becali, the genius from Romania, auto mechanic.



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