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in the beginning


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there was around 12 years of age the school hols. a time alone, sometimes rain. when u have 2 furs in the house and a stole it can be interesting for a kid, especially if he starts to wear the furs and the relax in them, i have loved the sight of fur ever since.

i remember missing a bus at 17 on the way home because i followed at a distance a woman walking thru the town centre wearing a silver fox coat and i only wanted to look and watch her. glorious. much more i could say.


WOULD LOVE TO MEET: an attractive female who loves fur, ideally in england, maybe you might consider having a fur slave? someone who worships you and your furs-be rather good. or someone interested in a friendship that leads to other stuff. be really grand.


llots more could say, including stories of how i was seduced by an 18 year old fur wearing female and how things went from there.

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