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Surprise Fur Sitings

White Fox

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I was sitting this morning and got to thinking on a post on another topic. I know that it is much colder in North East of N/A right now than it is where I am sitting. And I am told that there is colder weather coming again.


It would be great to hear of some surprise fur sites that folks have noticed in these last few days of the Northern Fur Season.


Hope we can hear from a number of members on this topic. It will help to "Chase away the blues" here as we wind down the days of winter and summer comes bounding in.



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Yesterday I rounded a corner on a 15 degrees fur free day and suddenly bumped into a 6ft girl with a pony tail and high cheekbones and straight graceful back maybe 25 wearing a pashmina trimmed with thick brown fox. Everything was coordinated including her high zipped and buckled boots and gloves. She cheered me up!

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i guess this post would go in here. this evening on pey-per-view, i took in the greatest event in sports entertainment: wrestlemania. i had just finished enjoying the sight of vince mcmahon being shaved bald by donald trump. i didnt think it could get any better than that. i was wrong. next up was the womens championship match. when the current champion was introduced, she strutted out onto the stage wearing a sheared beaver bolero with an absolutely MASSIVE hood trimmed with equally massive amounts of coyote fur. it even hung down below her shoulders like the tail ends of a boa. very luscious. there should be photos on the wwe website in a day or two. ill post any photos i find.

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I haven't followed the WWE in years, but it's nice to see that their ladies are still into fur!



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Buonamattina (good morning) from Florence. I'm headed back to Rome in a matter of hours, but I had to check in after being out so long. I've been sick, not to mention incredibly busy with work. And then there's the weather...It's been in the high 60s in Italy pretty much since I got back, but now I hear that my American friends are enjoying record cold temperatures for April! God, I miss my furs...


Keep an eye peeled this Easter weekend for folks decked out in fur for the last time this season. Take pictures, and post your sightings on the Den!






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Wow I just went to the supermarket, where I rarely go if I can help it.

However, at the cigarette kiosk in there was a gorgeous girl with leather pants tucked into high boots and a hip belt slung low. Then she had a silver fox and leather jacket which was divine. It wasjust to the elbows then leather;

and cut short like a chubby ... very nice.


Then walking around I saw a girl with furboots and a lady with a waisted dark brown mouton 70s style fur which was nice too.


This was a surprise as I thought we had seen the last of furs for the year;

but it was cold and wet here today with a nasty wind.

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