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genuine female friend?


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i love yorkshire, i live in yorkshire. but since i have loved fur for over 30 years i have never yet had contact with any female friend who loves fur, is there someone out there - UK based, ideally in the North, that i can chat to/get to know/friendship or even more.

I love to see an attractive woman in fur. i quite like seeing 2 females together wearing fur, even if they are lesbian.

but i hope to find some fur friends from this - and i dont want guys who want to show off their "bits and pieces" thanks.

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I know dozens of women in Yorkshire who love fur but they are all pretty much married.

Even if there were single ones here it's not the ideal place to court online.


Best to be honest upfront when you meet someone in real life; you won't find too many women with a brain who are anti fur; promise. And most sophisticated attractive women adore it. Saying something like

"I am a bit old fashioned really; I like traditional glamour like furs and stuff"

If the woman is right for you she will say "so do I! I love furs!"


Most of them are just not upfront about it these days.


I met a whole bunch of gorgeous Yorkshire ladies in furs at Cheltenham btw so they are out there.


Welcome btw!

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It is easy to get depressed about being alone. Just hang in there and don't lose hope. There really is somebody out there for everybody. You just have to be patient, sometimes.


Your love of fur does narrow the population of people who will make a good partner for you but look at it this way: If she doesn't like fur then she's not the woman for you.


Let fur be your shibboleth.


The funny thing is that, most often, a good mate isn't somebody you seek out. She will probably be somebody you just stumble upon without even thinking. But, once you find her you will just "know".


She probably won't be somebody you see and think, "Oh! She's hot! I want her to be my girlfriend!" She'll probably be somebody you just happen to meet and, shortly after you get to know her, you feel completely comfortable being around her. You might not even realize it until you've known her for quite a while.


Finding a girlfriend is kind of a Zen thing. If you go looking for a woman, you are likely to come up empty handed.


Keep your spirits up, dude! Things will eventually work themselves out!

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