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how do i get


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no sure what you call it - avatar(maybe) i dont have a pic of someone wearing fur, how do i get one? and is this likely to be a more interesting site than that boring FFG that i just quite - lots of guys pretending to be girls then appearing on webcam showing of their "crown jewels". not for me.

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Talk about a loaded message!

Let's go at this one at a time.


  • #1. Avatar. Gensil, we have a Gallery with 8,000 photos in it. So, it will be easy to find an Avatar there. On this site you can use any photo that you want. You do not have to pick it from a particular list. (see #3 below).
    #2. You didn't ask this but I will tell you. The most exciting thing about this forum is something most members miss because they will not try it. Go to our FAQ and look for "Styles". Try changing to one of the other styles. You will find that instantly the whole site will change completely. You will not realize you are on the same site it will change so much. It just takes a couple of minutes to do this the first time. About 30 seconds to do it the next. So try the different styles to see which one you like best. And please let us know which one you prefer. I use Aluminoid style for instance. You can also completely change the look of our Gallery. Just look for "Change your Theme". I believe that the Theme that I use is called "Eyeball. You can also change the look of Chat in a similar fashion.
    #3. Forgot... When you decide on which photo that you want as an Avatar just let us know. There are plenty of people here who can help you load that. Including AK and I and many of the mods. As well as many members. If you do it yourself you will likely need a program to shrink the photo in size as you can only use small photos there.
    #4. The FFG site. Those folks are indeed good friends of ours and we hate to hear of anyone unhappy with their site or ours. However, please realize that every site is a bit different. If we were all the same it would be a pretty boring world. We hope that you will like this one. I know that I have often seen you here in the past. I am sure that you will likely still visit theFFG site often as well. Their Administrators and some of their mods visit here often, and we go there as well. We all share a common love and we believe that working together is important.
    #5. Guys pretending to be girls. We try to convince people not to do that here but unless they actually try to deceive members, there is not a lot we can do about that. Indeed some of our members are TV's here and quite open about it. Everyone is welcome on this site no matter what their sexual orientation as long as they are honest about it. And as long as it does not involve kids, or something like that.
    #6. Webcam. If you wish to set an appointment to do such things that is completely up to you. If you don't like messages from a particular member your best option is to just not click on them.


Hope this helps with your questions. I am sorry that the message was so long here but I thought that you were asking a question and wanted a factual answer so I wanted to try my best to help out.


White Fox

The Fur Den

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Hi, gensilfoxx. I just posted a welcome on one of your other posts, but welcome again!


As far as FFG goes, it is too bad you had a bad experience. Because we have many mutual members. The owners and management of both sites count on each other a lot. Remember no matter what site you join, there can be a few that can cause problems.


Before they come on and lambaste you, I thought I would mention this.


As for finding a lady on site, ...I think many members here would love to find the same thing. Unfortunately, we have very few female members. ..and, this site is in no way a dating service.


With all that said, ...if you love fur, this is a great site.


Hope you will hang around.



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Also welcome.


If you wish to load or change your Avatar it is quite easy and Ichange mine all the time. Some folks have had the same one even from the Melody site


I started changing mine a lot back there because for a long time we had no picture gallery and I looked at it as a kind of slow moving miniature Gallery.


If you don't have a picture manipulation program and don't wat to spend a lot of money for one you can download GIMP for free. It is very good and I use it to do all my work. It works in WindowZ as well as Mac or Linux.



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