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Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I live in the North, as many of you know. Hunting has been around here for generations.


In the center of town, there use to be a deer rack, just like this one that shows the Fox. This is where all of the hunters and their families would show off there best catch.


About five years ago, they were force to move it out of town because of complaints. This one person managed to stop this local tradition. To this day she is hated for it.


TOS, PETA cannot stop photos like this. The rules in force on eBay are based on California laws that are in compliance with the International rules set by CITES. Has to do with hides and animal parts only of protected and endangered animals.



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Linda will also tell you the Fur Sellers on eBay are often harrased in the message pm equivallent. They sometimes appear on the Sites of those sellers who post their usually informative questions from potential buyers.


I ALWAYS respond to the Seller in rebuttal. I also will contact a Seller who may be posting their Title text or descriptive text that might trigger an ebay response pushed by PeTA or attract undue responses fro PeTA.






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Right, OFF, I would have missed this if you'd have posted it to eBay here. I don't often browse that forum. Though I have no intentions of bidding on this item, I was glad for the historical impressions. Wonder what it was like for them, it being the late depression. Was there strong demand for their pelts? How might their lives have been if NOBODY'd buy them?


Thanks, OFF.



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I was a small child in the Depression and though my immediate family was rather well off life sucked in general


Like the Chinese curse:


"May you live in interesting times."


They were certainly interesting and folks did what they could to survive yet they were generally much more civil with less then than now.







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