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A quick thought

White Fox

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A number of people here - including our new PETA folks, are using two identities. Posting as two different people using the same computer.


We want to stress that this is allowed on the site as long as you do not use this to deceive other members or be hurtful in any way. But, we as staff do NOT like this practice at all though, even though we do allow it.


It is certainly ok in fun. Everyone here knows who Burnadette is! We just do not like to see members hiding under two identities.


Also, for our NEW PETA folk.


You are indeed allowed to post here as long as you post as Pro Fur as you have been doing up to now. However, please realize that the second that you change the topic our mods will be on you instantly. That message will very likely be deleted in less than 10 minutes, and that will be the last time you post here.


Thanks all...

White Fox


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