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Just when I thought it was over!


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This afternoon it was 52 degrees in chicago and I thought the fur season was over a lady comes in at work wearing a long sheared mink coat. yesterday I saw a sheared mink swing coat at work. Nice treat![/b]

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You live in Chicago and you think winter is over?


Living in the Great Lakes snow belt the way we do, you ought to know better. There are at least three weeks left in winter. Don't even start to THINK spring until April.


Heck! I've seen it snow in JUNE!

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yep I was quite surprised today as I saw four real furs; three being worn by under 25's; all fashionistas; one silver fox boxy jacket! The other was a diagonal pastel mink jacket swing style on a lady of about 60 but attractive.


Thing is it was about 60 degrees here today!


Actually, I am pretty sure that apart from those horrible cheap faux jacket things and hoods, I have seen MORE real furs than faux so far this year!

Adding to my conviction that a good quality faux is considered just as ostentatious as a real so they are ONLY worn on special ocassions or by the highly style conscious.

Four coats is not much out of thousands of people but it is at least every day I have seen some more or less. That is a pretty dramatc change in the UK.


Oh and apparently..though I didn't see it....my mate said that FIFTEEN girls arrived at a club in Cardiff the other night ALL in real furs; mostly like "dynasty" coats he said. He thinks they wre on some kind of fur themed party as though some were clearly fashion furs, he said some looked like they had raided mums wardrobe. He took photos on his mobile and has lost his mobile grrrrr!

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You do have to remember that fur is an insulator against heat as well as cold.


I wouldn't want to go walking around the desert wearing a fur coat but, up to a point, fur's insulating qualities will keep the wearer COOL in hot environments just as well as it keeps him warm in cold weather.


Personally, I wouldn't mind wearing a fur coat outside even when the wether got as warm as 50-60º F. (10-15º C.)


Normally, in the winter, I wear flannel shirts with a T-shirt underneath and flannel long johns under my pants. It keeps me warm all day. But, if I had a fur coat, I'd be willing to stop wearing the flanels earlier in the season and just go with a light shirt and jeans.


Basically, wearing fur would allow me to wear lighter, more comfortable clothes for more of the season.


Moral: Just becasue it's getting warmer, it doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your fur!

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A warm sunny day at the races today; not a huge crowd. I lost count after 40 something furs. Mostly women under 40. There were a couple of stunning full pelt full length blue foxes an awesome lunaraine swing mink. Also a couple of other blue foxes not so nice but okay.

So yes; just as you think its all over out they come! I think the heavy rain most of th wineter stopped such prolific sightings.

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