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Oh My G_D

Mr Barguzin

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a bloke goes away for just ten weeks.... okay... it was an involuntary exodus and am currently sitting in public library as I type this little missive since my puter has decided to do a complete shutdown/crash now... and what do I find but that I need to read over 5 pages of posts *groan*


Gawd love a fox.... can't you verbose folks put a cork in it??



I would love to say that I am now back on-line and officially active again, but it ain't so... so I won't say it.


Anyways, shall be popping in now and again as time goes by trying to see what activity I am missing out on... now if only the library used FireFox rather than this version of IE *shudder* at least the keyboard here works, which is more than can be said for me little brat at home.


Have fun... enjoy your new found powers (you know to whom that refers) and hopefully one day I will be back and remind you folks of all the fun you are missing out on by my lack of presence.


Now.... where's me anti-american joke book.... oh yeah.... at BrGr's WEG

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