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Another costume auction missed


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Bonhams recently held an auction of iconic film and television costumes. Some of you may have read about some of the headline pieces including Obi-Wan Kenobi's hooded cloak and some Doctor Who lots, but the auction also included some James Bond items. One of these was a fur that Diana Rigg wore in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" - not a great piece now but good to see more historic furs up for sale for those with deep pockets.


Here's a link to that item (while it lasts) and you can follow other links from that page to read more about the other items.





Mr Mockle

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Well it could be. It was a red fox with bands like that; and it could have faded over the years. Say I wonder if any of our lot got it?

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Definitively not the original.

Original it was red fox, knee length, broad collar and an approx 5in leather stripe over the waistline

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Fading with time may have given it the poor colour but I agree, it does look different....

Lots of money for a possible fake?



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