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Traveling Internationally With Furs


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I hope this information is not outdated.


The last time I checked, I had to go into the customs office at the border and register it. That way they have it on file.


Lynxette should be a great source of information about this.



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By Car


I have brought them over a number of times. One time I had one with some bobcat in it and the customs made a big deal of it calling in some animal expert. I had to wait for two hours in the office while they got this guy to come in. When he got there this expert had to ask me what it was as he did not know! Was it bobcat or lynx? I was totally turned off and angry, but of course you cannot show it. The rule really is though that you can bring anything across as long as it is your personal coat and not made of illegal furs. I suggest that if you bring a mink jacket for instance that you do not bring a leather coat as well as then they know that it is your coat if you should run into problems. If you also have a leather coat for instance, then they can say that it is not your coat.


Also, one hint. Since that incident, I have always took my coat off before I got to the border. Put it on the back seat folded up nicely so that the fur is covered. If they say anything, there is nothing illegal about that. I just "Happened to do it that way without thinking I was covering the fur". And generally that means that they do not see it. Thus out of site - no problems. I would not hide it in the trunk though. Just in the back seat so that it looks legitimate and leave a little bit of fur still visible.


I have also been searched a little more than normal once. I was certain that time that they were convinced of the old stereotype that only drug dealers wear fur.


By plane.

I think in airports that the proper people would always be there and then it would not be a problem at all. You just have a mink jacket/coat of your own to bring into the country and that is ok.


Thus by plane all ok. By car just lay it on the back seat with the lining showing and you will be absolutely ok and get through instantly. Probably even if they see it and ask questions. I've just found it easier and less frustrating now when I do it that way. As long as it is your personal coat there is no problems but you are not allowed to take more over than that without huge problems if you get the wrong officer. Most officers will give you no problems at all. But just in case, the hint above will solve any problem at all and make crossing easy, instant, and effortless.



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Hadn't thought of this before since I have a similar situation going to Vancouver, BC.


Embroder your name old style in the coats?


Most of mine are fur lined leather and I've been stopped onlyonce on return when I had one in the back seat coming back from the store. It's "Personal" and no charge of course. Only the Labor was provided in Canada. I had receipts though.


They didn't question the "Bobcat" lined buckskin jacket I was wearing however.



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Taditionally that is why embroidery was done in fact. The big scam thirty years ago was to go to Russia, buy a sable coat for a grand, bring it back through customs ...when they stopped you you showed them it was yours by the embroidered name. Of course now, Sable is MORE expensive in Russia!


I got stopped at the airport for having a large carrier bag as hand luggage with a black fox and moonboots in it. They said it was too big for handluggage. I had to take off the coat and wear it through and that was okay...excpt it was hot at the airport. Nobody has ever questioned my girlfriend or I for having furs....but ofcourse PETAphiles may up the anti by nudging a customs official. Howver on one incident I know of, the PETAphile was cautioned for wasting police time. They had claimed a fox coat was from a great ape. So customs know the score and avoid confrontation over furs unless they know for definite something is dodgy.

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Great idea, ToS! Well send a plane packed with Budweiser, guns and ammo to the UK, then tell everyone in Alabama that the English bunny-huggers hijacked it. I think some good 'ol boys will be on the next plane to solve all your problems with anti- lunatics!



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Well the Romans The Saxons and the Normans tried hard enough. Ironicallly enough it was our celtic hunting culture that at the same time trained our warriors that also brought respect and use in warfare by

The romans as auxilliaries and the Normans as longbowmen used effectively at Crecy and Agincourt (for which someone should tell Blair we are supposed to have eternal family hunting rights).


I think you'd be better off sending the good ole boys to california as thats where this nonsense all started.




Someone should have heeded Jello Biafra's words.

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I realise that this is a bit late to be of any usefulness at this point, but I have NEVER had any difficulty travelling with my furs...granted, I have not had so much experience in terms of number of years as some others here, but for what it is worth I think it is really up to the whims of the agents in charge and how they judge a situation. This may not seem or even be very fair or safe for that matter, but discretion is a big part of it. In this trip to Europe I took five furs plus a blanket and had no difficulties with carry-ons, etc. Same thing with going back and forth to Canada and the States...so far never a difficulty, although truth to tell it has been in the back of my mind at times. I was not aware that having one's name embroidered was "old fashioned", as all of mine have this done automatically, except for my double sided furs...still it has never been an issue or looked at by a customs agent.

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