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Is this a picture form a video?


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Yes correct Walle. I have been unable to get the movie, but its definitly from that. And very yummy indeed; one of the most erotic series of pics ever for me!

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Faust by Marc Dorcel. Great fur scenes (includes masturbation, lesbians, kisses). Great foxes (the furs and the actresses)

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Musts get it sometime. He does a lot of movies with furs right?



Also Introlafa I wonder if we could pick your brains.....for th timeline in particular but also generally....abut the fur trade and south America.

I don't know an awful lot about it othere than what I have learned from Argentine Polo grooms....many of whom are from a gaucho culture.

What I know is:

1. Chinchilla was used fro centuries by native and Aztec and Inca cultures,

and was traded as far as the plains indians.

2.Nutria is eaten and sold for furs and was an important part of native trade until recently.

3.The fall in demand for nutria has led to an infestation of creatures in some area na dtherefore damage to th eco system

4. The decline in demand for Argentine beef leather and fur (farmed chinchilla) led many farmers to switch to disastrous soya crops which have caused massive eco damage to rainforest and habitat . The irony is that the dream of supplying an enlightened world population with tofu and feeding the worlds poor hasnt materialised and now the soys is sold as a commodity which means often it is used to feed European beef and the farmers get a low price. Because the soil is left irrepairably damaged new land must be sought and its often rainforest. This has brought the Argntine Jaguar, used for fur for centuries, to the brink of extinction. The irony being if Agentina had stayed with beef production it would have been a wealthy nation now....there is a world shortage of beef. Monsanto and politicians were to blame btw.


BUT we could do with someone finding out more details of the Argentine fur trade...it was very important I believe until about ten years ago; some still survives and is partnered usually with Argentine leather (which is of fabulous quality).A lot of the net references aren't in English until you get to the websites but they are difficult to find. Could you help out?

Also with any info on fur fashion, attitudes , tv, sightings etc in s.America.

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TOS: what you wrote is correct. Nutria (and Magallanes fox) were the most weared furs here. Argentine street were full of those furs a long time ago. Now we don't have strong winters so furs are difficult to find. I can tell you some "tips" from my country (but excuse my English please).

Attitudes: only divas and TV female stars wear powerful furs. Our national diva Susana Giménez really loves fur, she has a wardrobe full of them. She wear fur even when she's in Miami. And you could find some women wearing furs in the wedding or birthday parties, it's a classical attitude.

TV: most women wore furs a decade ago, but sometimes you can watch a tv program and they're there: actresses, singers, models, they all have a furcoat or something.

I could send you a long list of Argentine women, but they're are unknown (unfortunately) for you and the rest of the world. If you have a little time, you can surf the web and see her faces, but it's hard to find them wearing furs (and I don't have links to give you right now). Nicole Neumann, Carolina Ardohain (Pampita), Susana Giménez, Mirtha Legrand, Moria Casán, etc etc etc. In the future, I could search in my entire collection of pics and I'll post them in the Gallery. I have a bunch of images of Argentine women wearing furs (and some Latin American too). And I'm thinking of opening a blog or something to speak about furs in spanish, my native language, and posting furs. Don't have so much time to build a blog, but...never say never, ok?

Well, I've got so many things to trade with you. Stay tuned!!! And thanks for your message, it's very interesting to me.

By the way, I've got two links for you:






Hope it helps

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Very nice introduction to Arentine furs.


We should make sure they are in the links to Furriers.


Keep looking for those websites and your women in furs.


There's pleanty of room in the Gallery for their pictures.



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Thank you very much OFF. Give me some days and I'll post my pictures from my country for your viewing pleasure (and the rest of the ladies and gentlemen here). It'll be very exciting to share my stuff with this lovely community. Thanks a lot!!!

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Thankyou so much Introalfa; it would be fantastic to learn more.


And I am sure it could be arranged to have a spanish language section in the Wiki too. Indeed any language....Russian, German, Italian etc. With links, english translation, celebs, fur glossary bi lingual etc. At the very least it would b nice to know spanish for specific furs for ebay browsing. Also times of year places to go tc where it would be possible to wear furs, buy furs etc on visiting.


And yes please post pics in the gallery!


btw all the Argentine girls (girlfriends mothers sisters etc of the players and grooms) at the polo at st moritz had very nice furs two years ago and six years ago and nine years ago when I went.


BTW I have a fabulous spanish vogue magazine with lovely fur shoot in it which I have never seen posted on the net. I wonder if Tryxie or Mr mockle have a scanner that I could send the mag to them and they could do it? It is the best sexiest fur shoot ever; including some fab smoking in furs too. Sables, mink and fox.

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TOS: here are some tips for ebay searches (in Spanish):


Fur = Piel (Furs = Pieles)

Fox = Zorro

Mink = Visón

Sable = Marta Cibelina (or Cibelina)

Raccoon = Mapache

Nutria = Nutria

Chinchilla = Chinchilla

Grey Fox = Zorro Gris

Blue Fox = Zorro Ártico

Weasel = Comadreja

Furcoat: abrigo de piel ("Tapado de piel" in Argentina)


Argentine sites similar to ebay (auctions):








Not much models here, just coats, but it's a start.


Hope it helps too. Best regards!!!


PS: I'd like to know if some Argentinian people are members of the Fur Den. Please post some messages so I know them.

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Faust is still available from an adults-only bit torrent site. If you're interested in the link, please PM me and I'll send it to you privately.



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