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Hello From Europa


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Hi everybody:

I figured that this would be the best way to communicate with all of you since I am now in Europe for the next six weeks and will not have the ability to check in each day and post as per normal. Just as an assurance that I have not dropped off the planet so to say.

Madrid is a very beautiful city, and reminds me a lot of Los Angeles, which makes sense as they were both founded by the Spanish eh? There are litterally hundreds of furs to be seen. Granted the vast majority are mink and sheared beaver, but that is to be expected given the overall climate. The other thing that is very prevelant is large amounts of fur trim on everything from jackets to coats. These are mainly coyote, finn raccoon, and some fox. The minks that I brought with me fit right in in other words. I do stand out a bit though, as I am too young in Spanish society to be wearing a fur coat...these are a right of passage for mothers when they have their first born son, which happens rather late here due to late marriage I have been told.

This weekend I am in Florence Italy, and the situation is much the same, although the fur trimmed parka is the most popular item. It is soo good to see so much furs about and so far no harassment.

There are many furriers in Madrid, and I will explore them in due course as time allows.

Need to get going now, but I will update as and when time allows.


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Sounds like fun. Are you there on business or pleasure? What kinds of furs have you taken for the trip? Hope you continue to have a good time on your trip.


Furry Dreams,



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Great to hear from you Lynxette! I hope you return home with more furs than you brought over! Keep us posted on your happenings.



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I am on a business and a pleasure trip of sorts, gathering materials for a new book...I hope.

I doubt very much that I will come home with any more furs...the prices so far are more than I would want to pay, and than of course there is tranport to be considered, but it is a nice thought though.

And FrBrGr...good to know that you are okay as well.

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Hello guys:

Here is a further update from Spain. I have been travelling around quite a bit here, and just recently spent eight days on the road around Spain visiting various places. I am very happy to report that there have been absolutely no problems whatsoever regarding the wearing of furs here. In fact, whilst I was in Cordoba I saw annother lady in El Corte Ingles department store wearing a f/l mink coat on a 15 degree plus day. Makes me feel right at home here thats for sure.

Granted most of the furs are mink and sheared beaver, with maybe a sable or two thrown in, but this is still positive in my opinion given the climate. On a day like that back home do one would be wearing furs except maybe me, and I would look quite odd.

Anyway, l;ast weekend was in Helsinki Finland, and for that I wore my new blue fox with white fox trim parka...and definitely needed it as the temp was around 0 all the time. Not many furs there, other than the occasional mink or raccoon though which I remeber from my last visit as well.

Still have trips to France and England upcoming so more details to follow.

As fur as furriers in Spain, I have seen a lot in Madrid, and also Barcelona where I did visit the fur department at El Corte Ingles...sort of the Harrods or Macy's of Spain. The prices were about comparable to what would be in North America, and I did contemplate a golden sable jacket that looked quite stylish. As on the streets there is not a whole lot of variety, but the quality seems quite good for comparable items.

I will sign off for now, and try to get back on again soon. Hope all is going well for everyone here...take care.

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Hey Doll, great to hear how much your'e enjoying your trip! Stay safe and well, and gather some great info for your upcoming book.


(That sable sounds like it could have been a very nice addition to your collection.)



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