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New purchase - full length blue fox


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Hi, I wanted to share my new purchase with you all:




I had hoped to get it in time for the weekend to suprise my wife, but alas it wasn't to be. If UK Customs don't delay things further, I should receive the coat next week.


Something to look forward to!

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wow that looks a gorgous coat Hendrixaxe! Congratulations! A great price too! the stand up colllar looks partcularly plush.



OMG watch out for Tryxie as that means there is another blue fox up north!!!!


Hopefully it will speed its way to you quickly. If you are looking for an outing for it and the wife when it comes don't forget its the Cheltenham Racing festival the week after next!


As long as its cool the furs will be out in force.

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Thanks for your comments.


I forgot to mention that the seller threw in a matching blue fox hat at no extra charge! Now that's something you don't get on eBait very often!


Judging by the feedback left by the winner of a lovely blue fox jacket that was up for sale at the same time as 'my' coat, this seller has some lovely furs. (Note! I no connection with this seller, before you ask!)


BTW ToS, I'm in the balmy south east, not oooop North!

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Oh yeah. Don't know why but I thought you were up north for some reason. Sorry. Okay Tryxie you are still the only one with a fox fur coat north of Chester.


So are you coming to Cheltenham?


Its getting close.


My fancies are My Will for the Gold Cup,

Punjabi for the Triumph Hurdle and Duc de Reynerie for the supreme novices I think he's in.


Anyway, Cheltenham is an okay place to wear furs....at the races and in the evenings.

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I've watched her stuff for quite awhile.


She often has small Sable pieces that don't go for astronomical prices and she always has what look like to be very nice foxes.


Glad to hear a solid confirmation.





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The coat eventually arrived today, after a delay due to customs charges.


It's fabulous, and better than I'd hoped for


Anyway, it's here and I'm awaiting for the missus to get home from work!!

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