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When the move on the weekend of March 4th is complete, there will be sub-domains available to allow simpler URLs for direct access to major parts of this website. The sub-domains will be:

forums.thefurden.com/ = main Fur Den forums

archive.thefurden.com/ = archive of the Den at Melody

images.thefurden.com/ = the Gallery

pictures.thefurden.com/ = the Gallery

library.thefurden.com/ = Library wiki

wiki.thefurden.com/ = Library wiki

chat.thefurden.com/ = FurDen chat facility


Thus you should be able to access the forums with a URL of either http://forums.thefurden.com/ or http://thefurden.com/bbden/index.php

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Wasn't sure where exactly to post this, but here goes anyway:


Just thought you folks would be interested to know that the Fur Den is viewable on the move, as you can visit the site using the PlayStation Portable!! I tried it a few minutes ago, and it works like a charm!!


Might try and grab a few pix of it or a video to show what it's like!!



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I'm going on vacation next week and wonder if I can view it on my cell phone's web browser... it'll give me something to do when not golfing... or drinking... or eating... or passing out $1 bills to scantilly clad dancers!!!



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Well, it should work on your cellphone web browser, but it may not fit exactly to the screen, due to differing screen resolutions - so it will end up being bigger than can be displayed.

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