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Although there is some humor in this post, it really is a serious post.


Many of you know I am starting a new business that is health care related. I checked into a forum and found this link I thought you might find funny. But, it also has a serious message.


If you don't live in the US you may not understand the humor or the magnitude of the problem here. A few years ago the US allowed drug companies to advertise drugs. Many believe it has had negative affects and continues our spiralling costs.



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I sent that to a few friends, because it was hilarious, but ReFur, you are right on the money too.


I have a friend with children who gave her kids Ritalin, though the Doctor she went to didn't believe it was necessary the 'second opinion' she sought from another doctor got her kids Ritalin. She put them on Ritalin because one of them gave her some lip one day.


It's silly. Seriously.


Furthermore, when people are on their meds, a lot of them don't follow the instructions through, or take them correctly.


I suppose that's why I don't take medications at all, except when my Doctor of many years told me I have to. I'm shopping a new one now that I've moved, but it's hard to find one who won't give you any pill you want for reasons that you don't need them.

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I enjoyed that.


It's amazing how much we expect to go through life without the least pang with a magic pharmaceutical fix for anything advertisers deem to be a problem.


I'd say the pill the United States needs the most is our pay-to-play political system. That's how big pharma won the right to promote directly to prospective pill consumers.


I don't watch TV nor listen to much commercial radio, so I live a relatively sheltered life.


It was interesting when my physician discovered a chronic condition of mine he started asking me to see him more often when I told him it wasn't causing me any considerable pain and didn't want medication. The last of those times I told him that when I concluded the pain was getting in the way I'd see him for a prescription but otherwise I'd keep it to routine check ups. It was almost as if he was trying to sell me medication for something I hadn't complained about. You almost wonder if the drug sales people don't pay him more than I and my insurance.


Good luck with your new venture, Linda!




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