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Interesting response

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I was going to bid on a Red Fox jacket as an addition to my Frankenfox spread but the seller wnated a bit too much I thought and much more than I was paying for other ones.


I also figured it wouldn't sell for her asking price either so I sent her a note that I'd pay her less than she was asking for it if it didn't sell. Well it didn't sell and her response was totally unexpected:


"I am donating it to the humane society for Coats for Cubs Program. They cut them up and let the new born orphans cuddle up in them, they think it is their mummy.

Cheers Grenda"


You gotta like that

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sorry to blow your ideas out the water but that is rubbish.

Cubs respond to smell, not fur. A fur coat has no smell of its original owner.


Just an excuse to have a go at fur I am afraid and make people less likely to feel bad about disposing of their coats.

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I don't think so.


The message is not at all anti-fur for human use.


It is very specifically targeted to "Old furs" unused otherwise.


It's attached to The Humane Society who hate PeTA.


The tone is carefully crafted to be far away from PeTA since these folks are scared to death of PeTA and hate their wanton destruction of animals.


They aren't our bussom buddies but not our enimies either.


Some of their links however ARE Anti-Fur.











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It does bring a tug-at-your-heartstrings approach to 'recycling' an old fur though... I'll keep them in mind the next time one of my furs wears out.



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Look. I have reared fox cubs, lambs, badgers everything by hand, Don't you think we have tried this? Its nonsense.


There is only one thing that makes ANY difference. To get the scent from the dead mother on a sheet, and wrap them up in it. And that barely makes a difference. But if the mother was a fresh road kill its possible, and we do it.


Its a shame these F****** animal rights organisations don't teach people to drive with due care and attention so we don't have to pick up the pieces so there wouldn't be orphaned cubs. Why on earth that cars are regarded acceptable in inflicting "collateral" (unintentional) damage when in fact it is usually pig ignorance that allows it, is beyond me.


My brother stiopped, slowly and carefully, with two yards to spare the other day to allow a shrew to cross the road. It's about two inches long if you don't count the tail. So how the hell do people manage to hit deer fox and badgers? Okay sometimes it can't be helped....but usually it can. People just don't know and don't think about wildlife when they are driving....even though they may be anti fur/hunting folk.


And remember people if you hit a horse, it is five times worse than hitting a brick wall at speed.....for you that is. A horse is more than a few inches think and has flailing hooves.


Spo forget this; its just another con to make you anti fur. So every time an old fur gets "reinvented by a hip 16 year old girl on the street the anti fur movement loses cred. That is what this is about.

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Earendil wrote

I'm an animal.


It seems animal rightsers don't like the quintessential animal in me that responds so especially to fur. Seems they think all humans should act the way they see as saintly, denying the animal within if it likes fur.


I find that when my rabbit coat fell to shreds, I stitched the tatters up inside the liner and use it as a pillow. Not quite as lofty as down, but plenty comfortable to me.



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The primary response for screwing up the planet for young folks is self flagellation and self denial.


I'm surprised there arne't groups going from city to city dragging hulk cars [without wheels] and flagellating each other and themselves droaning durdges and screaming to heaven for forgiveness.


Instead they drive to the Mall in their SUV's and "protest" the materialistic fur lovers and other shoppers for spending their moey on things that please them.


Someone else pick up the story here













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