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This is a call for help to all the creative thinkers!

I've got to come up with a name for a physical therapy company that is descriptive, interesting and memorable. (sort of like that simpsons episode where the acapella band name is the "b sharps.") Any ideas out there? thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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This would be for a physical therapy clinic dealing with injuries to people who don't have to be in the hospital. Injuries can range from household booboos, to sports injuries, to post-surgical, to long term deficits from conditions such as strokes.

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Okay. You probably need a kind of an inspiring fun expression of this from the sound of it.


So I am thinking something along the lines of Phys sounds like Fizz.


So how about a word I haven't heard used since my grandmother used it to describe uppity women when I was a kid. I looked it up in the dictionary and indeed it meant flirtatious women; and obsolete term...and it is also a term for a firecracker.

The " Fizz -Gig "


or indeed The "Phys-Gig"


which on the one hand is a little of the spirit of definace that some people need to get themselves back fully functioning after an accident or illness; and also maybe it suggests some physical activity which may be fun. As in dance a gig.


Well just one to kick you off anyway.

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Okay here are some creativity pump primers. Take what you like and leave the rest.


Your Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel

Myodynamic Rejuvenatorium

Kinetic Recalibration Zone

From Sprain to Spring

Dump that Limp


The Recordinater (Guy/Gal/Gang)


Good luck.




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