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For those of you, like me, who love statistics, The Fur Den . . .


has 1270 members . . .

has 5,096 topics (threads) . . .

containing 33,475 posts . . .

which averages 79.22 posts per day . . .

and averages 12.06 new topics (threads) per day.


Sounds good, right?


Howsomever . . .


717 of our 1270 members have never taken the time to make even one post.


258 members have posted fewer than 10 times.


Only 98 members have more than 100 posts.


16 members have made over 1,000 posts.


4 members have made over 2,000 posts.


3 members have made over 3,000 posts.


1 member has over 4,000 posts, and


1 member has over 5,000 posts.


I can vividly remember the days when The Fur Den was only a forum over at delphiforums.com (about 10 years ago) and being ecstatic when we hit post #1,000. That was really an accomplishment, seeing that we only had a couple dozen members! There was one big difference in the 1,000 posts we had then, and the 33,475 posts we have here today, after being here only one year. Every single one of our members back then were contributing members. We didn't have this big house to play in back then. We felt lucky just to have someone else to talk to about our "magnificent obsession." Today, thanks to the incredible amount of work by my partner, AKCoyote, we have this huge house with so many rooms it could be easy to get lost in it - complete with a picture gallery of almost 8,000 fabulous fur photographs and even a chat room - and less than one percent of our membership is responsible for over 90% of the contributions made to this site! Now, I'm not talking here about monetary contributions. Thanks to our generous donors, AKCoyote has been able to construct this big beautiful house we have to play in. I'm talking about another kind of contribution. This contribution does not cost anyone anything other than a little time. This contribution is taking a few minutes a couple of times a week to share your love of fur or your fur experience with all of us here.


It is you, fellow Denizen, who will determine the destiny and the very legacy of The Fur Den. We need your help!

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Maybe we should have an area of the Gallery which is only accessible to members who contribute...say 10 posts minimum....which is where the "exclusive" pictures are.

So for example, the White Turf pics I will post in the next few weeks, can ONLY be seen by participating members.

Would that make people participate maybe?


It is dissillusioning. I was a member of a site before here that was about Smoking glamour....but it was very tasteful However one founder member made 70% of the image posts. He NEVER got any feedback eithere for his old hollywood vidcaps, or some shoots he organised himself which were really artistic. The result? The site eventually closed, leaving nothing tasteful left in its place. But up to a thousand people were hitting his posts, and he was pleading for feedback but rarely got any. Sad....I think part of it is probably fear, espcially when you see that most of the traffic is in the week indicating it is people on works computers. Or at home being discovered by a partner could affect it.

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Very well put FrBrGr. I'm going to add to what you've had to say, but I'm going to be my usual self. Blunt and Tactless. Today I was called a Revolutionary by one of the Admins here. And now I'm going to explain why.


717 of our 1270 members have never taken the time to make even one post.


All 717 of you will be hearing from me! 84 of you already have. 27 have collected the PM's, 8 have replied. The remainder are still to collect their PM's, this is despite 4 of them regularly logging in on an almost daily basis.


We want quality here, we can get quantity any time. I will be recomending that these 76 non participants should have their accounts suspended. They of course will be free to re apply for membership but under stricter terms.


The cost of membership here is participation. Use it or loose it. No more free rides.

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Swedepete and all other non-posting members.


You're absolutely correct in your statements.


No there will not be an exclusionary policy. If there had been I would not have made my first post not that long ago on Melody.


Arguments made convincingly caneasily wroght change.


In my case it was the solid presence of eBay in the Fur Den.


For Touch it is the Smoking Album and Posts.


I remember how traumatic it was for me to make my first post over something I had been mildly traumatized over for many many years.


I'm sure glad I joined the discussions. I'm sure once you do you'll enjoy it too.





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Swede, weclome to the Den. I do hope that we hear more from you.


Now then you make a couple of valid points. People need to see the subject they want to talk about discussed.


It does always bother me that we keep on the same issues here. Members like Swede. Please let us know the topics that YOU would like to discuss here. I would love to know about what would interest each of you.


Just please realize that we do try to make this a great place for each of you to call home. But when we do not hear from you in topics, discussions on photos, or any other areas of discussions, it can be pretty difficult to keep our spirits up here. It is exactly like that on any forum.


We would love to hear from all of you once in awhile. And above all. Please check your pm box. If you still use the default green skin, it is on the tool bar on the left side. If there is a message there it will show the number one (or more). Tryxie has been working extremely hard to contact each of you in the last few weeks. Please take the time to reply to her message.


We would really love to hear from each and every one of you.



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Indeed welcome SwedePete.


We all understand how difficult it is to make your first post; I take on board what you say that not everyone thinks they have something relevant to contribute.


But they do; without realising it.


Even if its just to say, I enjoyed/agreed/disagreed/welcomed/loved that post or whatever. Or maybe a sighting or story or find on the net etc ect.


Yes true in anything its just a small percentage of people who do stuff; but we need to know if they are doing stuff that the silent majority like.

This place can only reflect your loves and interests if you put in feedback.


Tryxie only popped in to look at stuff for her fashion course. Then she contributed a bit in return...including posting here dissertation. Then she got bolder and has become one of the most importnat members of the den. Then Mr Mockle doesn't post often; but what he has contributed to the fur community is priceless in terms of his photoshoots which are now hosted in the gallery. Then there are dozens of members who don't post often but hen they do they post something really important. Then there are members like me who just rabbit on and on but try and keep the banter going so its like a proper community. Then there are the senior mods/memebers who put hours and hours of effort in to make it what it is;

they do deserve just an acknowledgement now and again to let them know it is appreciated.


So anyway SwedePete; a big welcome and we hope you will now join in a little too! So for starters how has the winter been for you where you live?

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To Swedepete, welcome.


I certainly feel QUALITY not quantity is a better place to be with. Not that those members who contribute regularly don't have quality, (I am amazed at where some of the links come from and even more amazed at where people find the time to find these obscure links - a huge thanks form me), but a forum is just that - a pot-pouri of lots of ideas all making it a better place to be...


So should a quiet member feel the need to use the keyboard, just say 'hi'. One day an article will come to light that you just may feel the need to contribute - just like Swedepete did.



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Yes, I agree with the last few posts. Swedepete, we are very happy to have your post.


Think of this way: Can you imagine a group getting together, for any reason, and then those attending just setting there and saying nothing? Eventually the group would be so bored would they bother?


Our site takes about a dozen of us to manage. As, FrBrGr, has explained, we also are the main posters. That means there is not enough new blood coming into the forum.


All we can do is explain ...you ARE important here, ...you DO make a difference. Look how your one comment has created many thoughts.


Even though you may not realize it, there is something that each of you silent members can add.


Even if English is not your language. Type: "Hi, I am here!! Don't speak English well!"


Maybe you could tell us how you found us, how long you have been a visiting, what made you register, what you come here for. That would be a wonderful start!


You could:


Point out what you like about certain pictures.


Explain a situation with fur sightings.


Post an eBay link you really like.


Make a post supporting a member,


Make a post explaining how you see something differently than a post.



If each of us will add just a small part to the forum, it will create synergy. And, we will all benefit.


So, for your part, Swedepete, thank you for making your first post! I hope you will make another here and tell us a little bit about you!



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I certainly would like to see more members participate in forum discussions and other things but I also understand Swedepete's side of things. But the thing that is most important to me is grassroots support for the cause of fur.


People don't have to stand on street corners and protest or couterprotest for fur. I think that would be silly and even counter productive. However, people who like fur shouldn't be afraid to express their opinions in everyday situations.


If you have a fur coat, or a hat, scarves, etc., wear them.


If you see somebody wearing fur and you think it's nice, say so. Even a smile and a polite wave would work.


If you see somebody making an anti-fur comment about a person on TV or in the media, etc, put in your two cents worth and let them know that their opinions are just that... Opinions.


If you hear or read about somebody spouting-off with inaccurate information as if it was true, stand up and let them know that they are wrong. Incorrect information, repeated long enough and loud enough, as if it was fact becomes the default truth if it goes unopposed.


If you can, buy some fur. Even if it's only a scarf or a hat or a love mitt. Supporting the industry that provides the things you want is the only way to keep suppliers in business.


Just talk about fur in ordinary, daily life. If you like it, just say so in casual conversation. There are MANY people who don't think fur is a bad thing, even if they don't love fur the way we do. The problem is that they feel like they are in the minority and won't speak out because they think they will be critcized for it. Unless they are in the company of others who make them comfortable, they are unlikely to speak. Expressing your support of fur makes others more comfortable talking about it.


Finally, posting in the Fur Den is a good way for people who are uncomfortable talking about fur to rehearse for situations in real life. This is a relatively safe place to talk about fur. We moderators and administrators take reasonable steps to protect our members' anonymity. (We can't protect you 100% but we do what we can.) In short, you won't be criticized for talking about fur here.


If people STILL feel uncomfortable about talking, there are other ways to communicate. We have a Private Message system built into this forum. You can send messages to other members without revealing anything other than your username, if you so choose. There is also the chat system. You can talk directly to others and only the information you choose to reveal will be known.


It was mentioned that there should be some extra benefits for members who participate more. Well, there IS at least one benefit for people who participate. When we mods see a new member who contributes to the forums on a regular basis we make that feature available to them if they want it. You don't have to participate every day or even every week or month but you DO have to participate.


So, if you want to know what that feature is, talk about fur. Then ask one of the mods or admins.

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Welcome to The Fur Den Swedepete! I think you'll find the Den to be a friendly and nurturing place to visit. We do hope you'll visit often, and that your contributions will be many!


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Hey folks!!


I've posted 455 times? Crikey!! Personally, I would probably post more often, if I had anything of note to report / post, so I apologise in that respect..



.. would it be a bit too early to mention that, in 3 weeks' time, I'll be 29? Just thought I'd slip that in there..


See y'all later!!



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Crikey, Joe - ! In one year and three weeks, you'll be over the freaking hill!!


To keep it on topic, I can suggest nothing better than getting yourself a wonderfully soft fur coat as a birthday present so you'll be able to console yourself all year long - !

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Good evening all from the sunny Southeast:


I just wanted to take a minute to echo what Swedepete said and add a few things of my own.


I too am one of those lurkers that takes a few minutes a few times a week to browse the threads to see if anything interesting is happening. I don't post very often though I've seen a few topics that I wanted to reply to and share personal experiences (or lack therof that I wish I had) or thoughts. I failed to make posts because at the time I read the threads I didn't have enough spare time to sit down, think, and try to come up with just the right words or expressions to say what I wanted to say. I have also visit other message boards and subscribe to daily digests relating to sports, music, and other interests and some of my attempts to participate there haven't garnered much of a response from the participants. That in itself makes me a little reluctant to throw my thoughts around for fear of showing my ignorance or not fitting the standard set by those in the loop. Some of the boards/digests at times seem clickish and it is easy for those who are casual visitors/posters to feel intimidated and excluded, and their contributions to not be taken as credible. Now with that said, I'm not accusing the Fur Den of being like that at all. You all are one of the most hospitable groups that I can think of and should be frequently be commended.


Anyhow, the comments above are part of the reason that I don't participate often, but the main reason is simply that I just don't have a whole lot of spare time on my hands to give, and probably there are others like that as well. I don't speak for everyone and am not trying to toot my horn, force issues on anyone, or express the following in a harsh context: I work 2 jobs with little reward and both involve protecting our food supply, have a couple of volunteer gigs (one with the ALS assoc and another with the best rock band in the world), try to help take care of my sick mom when I can make the drive to my hometown, single (and available...lol), take care of the house and the dog, and just try to be an all around good guy.


When time permits (or whenever I just have to take a break in the daily grind), then I spend a few minutes in the Den....and a great escape it is. All of you need to be commended for what you do, so in addition to giving y'all a perspective from an outsider, I also want to give "kudos" and "attaboys (and girls)" to everyone who makes this wonderful place go. I did make a resolution to participate more than I have in the past, and so far I have succeeded. The only problem is that the increase in participation isn't a much greater number than zero. Mods and other contributers, thank you again for everything you do, and thanks for maintaining a worm, welcome environment for everyone.



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Tickle and all...


That in itself makes me a little reluctant to throw my thoughts around for fear of showing my ignorance or not fitting the standard set by those in the loop. Some of the boards/digests at times seem clickish and it is easy for those who are casual visitors/posters to feel intimidated and excluded, and their contributions to not be taken as credible.


#1. NEVER feel that a post of yours would show ignorance or of low standards. THAT would never be the case here. I guarantee it. Even if you were wrong about something by chance the Den is simply a place for you and others like you to lean and to have fun doing it.


#2. You did "Hit the nail on the head" here without realizing it. One of the reasons that we like to hear from more people is that we do not want to look like a small group who do not want more members. i.e. a click (clique). We do our absolute best here to avoid that but we also try to post here frequently to hopefully hit subjects that will be of interest to all of you. However, if we EVER seem like that please let us know.


#3. The main thing here is to have fun and we hope that everyone does.



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This is only #42, could have sworn I had 100 Does posting personal pics of myself in fur count in some way? As I see it, the members pics area is among the least used

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Maybe thats because lots of people think its just going to be us guys in there. However, those of us who do have a look, realise that there are some cracking shots of our gorgeous female members in there too!


And hopefully some nice pics that Lynxette will like of some of the guys too.

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