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Girls on Top: 80s comediennes in 80s furs


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For those of you into your 80s comedy and your 80s furs, I recommend that you look out for the Girls on Top DVD recently released. It contains all 13 episodes from the two series of the show starring Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax and Tracey Ullman with many cameos from the era's comedy stars.


Now I remembered some of the fur scenes but I was pleasantly surprised to see a good quantity and quality of furs in the show. In fact eleven of the episodes feature at least one good length scene with a fox coat or jacket (usually on Ruby or Tracey) and the other two episodes contain a brief scene each (featuring a period mink coat and hat and a fake fur). One highlight is towards the end of the third episode C.O.D. which features three of the leads in furs: Tracey in her dyed red fox stroller, Ruby in a natural red fox jacket and hat and Jennifer in a blue fox coat. And for the bear fans and bears here - especially Worker, Tryxie and Bernadette - there are a few scenes with bears dressed in furs too.


A pleasant find indeed - and perfectly timed now that it's starting to get cold again here in the UK.



Mr Mockle

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