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My Major Surgery This Week

Guest beautifulfurs.com

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Well I will be going in for major surgery to remove a tumor that has grown

3 times its size within a month thats on my right jaw & close to my nerves and brain stem this tuesday.

If I dont get this removed,by the end of next year,I wont have a right jaw left.


I was suppost to have the surgery on the 14th as Linda can tell you.

It was delayed from my blood infections and Ive spent the past two months doing outpaitent treatment for that alone.

This tumor has a very high % of being cancer and the location of it will make it more diifcult to remove.


So I will be out of action for a few days & waiitng to see if I get to have chemo treatment or not.


We shall see.

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You take care now Eric...

We want to keep up our record here of keeping all members safe and sound!


We will see you when you get back. All good as new!



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From another one of the members of the Den's resident M*A*S*H unit, buona fortuna, my friend! Our batting average is pretty good up to now, and there's no reason to change that! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, bro' - ! Come back to us soon! 8)

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