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A First Fur Me


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I have confronted PETAphiles wearing a silver fox collar.

They have two reponses:

One is hysterical screaming...to which I just shake my head, and others look on smiling at me. That has happened twice; and on on occassion when I spoke two younger girls left the PETA stand immediately and I had a drink with them after, and was able to take them to an internet cafe andd show them how fur was really produced.

The other responses is to attempt rational conversation....except they do not know the facts. They have no idea for example of how fur farms are really run, how aboriginal peoples produce 22% of furs and usually it is their only economy and they protect habitat, or that fur farming is the only farming that does ethical weaning. So if they argue they lose; if they get hysterical, they show themselves up, and if they get aggressive, they get arrested.

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I've lived in the Chicago area all my life. I have seen several protests and walked right past them with my wife dressed in fur and never had a problem. There are alot of cops right there so I don't think they want to start anything with people walking by. I do love the fur in that area. Do you ever go to any of the warehouse sales? Lots of women trying on lots of fur!

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